National Selection Committee Panelist Information Form

Thank you for your interest in serving on the 2023 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) National Selection Committee (NSC).

The 2023 NSC will be taking place during the months of January and February. NSF is currently seeking a wide range of panelists, including K-12 teachers and administrators; science, mathematics, and STEM education researchers; university professors; and others with the expertise to distinguish exceptional teaching to serve on the PAEMST program's NSC.

This year's NSC panelists will review applications from 7-12th grade teachers. The NSC panel will be conducted virtually, so travel will not be required to participate. On panel days, panelists will need a computer, internet access, and a telephone. Panelists will complete independent reviews beginning in late December/early January, with panels taking place between February 1st and February 12th.  Panels last up to two days, and take place on Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday.

Each panelist will be responsible for reviewing between 8 and 10 applications. Each application consists of written responses to five Dimensions of Outstanding Teaching (max. 27,500 characters overall), an up to 30-minute video, and administrative and supplementary documents. Panelists will have at least 4 weeks to review assigned applications and provide comments and scores online.  Individual reviews must be completed in advance of the panel.

Panelists selected to serve will receive training via webinar and a Panelist Handbook prior to serving. Panelists will then participate in 1-2 days of panels, where, as a committee, they will discuss and provide comments and scores on each application. A panel day can last anywhere from one hour to 8 hours. Panelists will receive a flat-fee ($200) for each day of panel meetings where they are in panel for at least four hours. If panelists complete their committee discussions in one day, then they would not need a second day of discussions and would only receive compensation for the first day. As in prior years, there is no compensation for the independent review completed by panelists prior to the panel dates.

If you are interested in serving as an NSC panelist for any of the above panels, please complete the NSC application. On the form, indicate the dates you are available to serve as a panelist as well as the award category you can review. If you have expertise to review both mathematics and science applications, select both of those categories on the form, as we will have some panels that review both. Please be sure to upload a current resume to the form. The tentative dates for the panels are as follows:

The Panel Chair is responsible for guiding the panel discussion and requires previous NSC experience.

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