I became part of something larger than myself, and that changed everything.

Heather Johnson York, PA | 7-12, Mathematics, 2003

Heather Lynn Johnson, Ph.D. (formerly Heather Godine) is a mathematics educator at the University of Colorado Denver. Heather spent the first 13 years of her career teaching mathematics to high school students at Central York High School. Heather’s role includes research, teaching, and service. She leads research to promote instructional transformation and student reasoning in early undergraduate mathematics courses. She teaches courses from practicing and prospective teachers, including online courses in which teachers may grow their content and pedagogical expertise. She serves her local, state, national, and international communities in a variety of capacities. Heather earned a B.S. (mathematics), M.Ed. (teaching & curriculum), and Ph.D. (curriculum & instruction, mathematics education) at Penn State University. Heather has received awards for her teaching and her research.

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