Without a doubt, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching elevated my voice and impact to "Be the change" in education. Looking back nearly 20 years since my award, PAEMST was the spark that has cultivated my confidence, servant leadership, and it created a platform for me to inform and elevate the positive impacts of STEM around the world.

Jeffrey Remington Palmyra, PA | 7-12, Science, 2002

Jeffrey (Jeff) Remington has been teaching in the Palmyra School District for over 30 years and received the PAEMST science award in 2002. Jeff holds a B.S. in secondary science education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Education in Adult Training and Development from Pennsylvania State University. Jeff has used his master's degree as a STEM Education adjunct at Lebanon Valley College for over 20 years and as a trainer and presenter for STEM around the world. Jeff has received accolades from the White House and the Embassy of Haiti for his impact on education in Haiti and from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for his achievements in the state. He has received the highest teaching award for adjunct instruction at Lebanon Valley College. Jeff is one of 10 National STEM Teacher Ambassadors chosen from PAEMST recipients and is a Top 50 Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize selected from over 12,000 nominees worldwide. Around the globe, Jeff has enthusiastically championed the power of STEM to change lives, reimagine education, and prepare stakeholders for the agile mindset needed to navigate an increasingly STEM influenced workforce and world. Through an empathy-based servant leadership style and collaborative networking and mentoring, Jeff has inspired change through a unique vision of STEM education. He has been a change leader in his state—from increased student performance at his school district to leading a statewide charge for creating new comprehensive STEM academic standards, and to helping diversify the workforce and economy. Globally, Jeff has helped to implement visionary STEM programs in some of the poorest countries and in some of the wealthiest. He takes pride in the saying "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

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