It is a high honor to be considered as a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. It is a validation of my belief that providing students with the opportunity to explore mathematics in a meaningful context engages them and excites them to see mathematics everywhere. Such recognition encourages me to continue striving to implement best practices and to create lessons that will motivate students to make mathematical connections in their lives.

Linda L'Ai Logan, UT | K-6, Mathematics, 2010

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Linda L’Ai has been an educator for more than 35 years and is currently teaching fourth grade and mentoring preservice teachers at Edith Bowen Laboratory School on the campus of Utah State University. She has also been an education Peace Corps volunteer, a migrant education specialist, and a bilingual specialist. During her 21 years at Edith Bowen, Linda developed a Family Math Literacy program, wrote a Light the Math Within curriculum connecting mathematics and sports for the Utah Olympic Games, and, recently, collaborated with the Eccles Harrison Museum of Art to integrate mathematics and art. This summer, she worked with a Mayan fourth grade mathematics class in the Guatemalan highlands. Linda is a presenter at national mathematics and science professional meetings, as well as a guest lecturer at Utah State; she has also published in Teaching Children Mathematics. She has received the Utah Council of Teachers of Mathematics Karl Jones Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education, the KSL Broadcasting Teacher Award, and a Fulbright Memorial Teacher Scholarship to Japan. Linda has a B.S. in biological sciences, and elementary and secondary teaching credentials, from the University of California, Davis and a bilingual credential and an M.Ed. from California State University.

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