It is an honor to receive this award, especially during a unique school year. This proves that great teaching and authentic learning can happen in any setting. This award validates the importance of student inquiry in the classroom and creating a positive learning environment where students can feel confident in their mathematical ability. I am so grateful for my students, colleagues, and mentors who have supported me and ignited my passion for mathematics education.

Joni Jones Morgantown, WV | K-6, Mathematics, 2020

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Joni Jones has been a fifth grade mathematics and science teacher for seven years. She began her career at North Elementary School and has taught at Suncrest Elementary School for the last four years. Joni’s philosophy of teaching is driven by a growth mindset and making real-world connections to the content she is teaching. Joni uses task-based instruction where students can prove their thinking through multiple modes of learning and various strategies. Joni also believes in the power of mathematical discussions, where she and her students facilitate meaningful conversations that challenge, defend, and encourage each other’s ideas. This makes a positive impact on her classroom culture and allows students to take charge of their own learning. At her school, she is the sponsor for the National Elementary National Honor Society and is a recipient of the Math4life grant through her state. Joni really enjoys working closely and mentoring teacher candidates in mathematics education from the local university. Joni earned her National Board Certification in 2019 as a Middle Childhood Generalist. Joni earned a Bachelor of Management Studies and an M.A. in elementary education from West Virginia University. She is certified in elementary education, kindergarten through sixth grade, and fifth grade through ninth grade mathematics. She also has an Elementary Math Specialists certification.

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