The Presidential Award means that I have been given the honor and privilege to represent high-quality science instruction. As a teacher and instructional coach I have had the opportunity to work with, observe, and learn from many exceptional teachers. These educators along with my colleagues at Loyola and DePaul have inspired and encouraged me to work towards my potential. This award is a recognition of the scientists and educators who have influenced me to become the teacher that I am today.

Carla Shortino Chicago, IL | K-6, Science, 2020

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Carla Shortino began her professional career nearly 30 years ago teaching fourth grade in the Chicago Public Schools. She has taught science to students ranging from preschool to eighth grade. In 2008, Carla was recruited to become a science instructional coach. For seven years she supported teachers as they worked to improve their craft and enhance their science teaching practice. She led efforts throughout Chicago and Illinois to embrace the NGSS by developing and leading professional development. Carla is currently the first to fourth grade science teacher at Catherine Cook School. Carla uses her expertise and experience to provide students with the highest quality science education steeped in rich, authentic learning experiences that engage students in the practices of scientists and engineers. She brings a broad, global, multicultural perspective to her work, having lived and taught in Mexico. She values all types of diversity and fosters a classroom that celebrates differences in culture, learning styles, and interests. Carla’s fourth grade students culminate their lower school science experience by designing and conducting their own experiments. She provides an opportunity for passionate students by leading a climate change group that challenges the school to make changes to support the environment. Carla co-authored the publication “Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards: Hallmarks of a Fully Realized School System”. Carla has a B.S. in elementary education from Loyola University; an M.A. in inner city studies education from Northeastern Illinois University; and an M.S. in science education from DePaul University. She is certified in kindergarten through ninth grade elementary education, endorsed to teach science, social science, and language arts.

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