It is an incredible honor to be nominated for this award! I was grateful and humbled to have a colleague in the district nominate me. I could not let this opportunity to showcase my hard work and dedication pass by. However, this will not just be an end result for my passion for and dedication to mathematics. This award and the opportunities that come after will provide me a stepping stone to more professional development and networking to improve my teaching and leadership in mathematics.

Darcy Vincent Brookings, SD | K-6, Mathematics, 2020

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Darcy Vincent has been an educator for 13 years. She has spent the last six years teaching fifth grade mathematics at Camelot Intermediate School. She previously taught at Arlington Elementary School for seven years. As a customized learning facilitator, Darcy works to meet the individual needs of her learners in mathematics. She facilitates approximately 120 learners in standards across multiple grade levels. Her knowledge of content and standards helps her meet them at their level. She develops skill-based playlists which provide for hands-on activities, group and independent work, and offer voice and choice opportunities across various learning styles. Darcy facilitates learners to work at their own pace and take ownership to meet their learning outcomes. Darcy’s passion for mathematics is evident in her leadership among colleagues. She previously worked as a South Dakota Counts teacher leader during her time at Arlington Elementary. She spent this time in a cohort earning her master’s degree while leading her colleagues in implementing the Investigations mathematics curriculum. Darcy assisted in coordinating mathematics nights and informational meetings on implementing the Common Core State Standards. She currently serves as a Professional Learning Community mathematics leader as well as a Curriculum Committee representative. The past year, she worked with colleagues in the district to choose a new mathematics curriculum. Darcy currently serves as a member of the South Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Darcy earned a B.S. in elementary education from Dakota State University and received her M.S. in curriculum and instruction from Black Hills University. She is a certified in elementary education, career and technical education, and middle level education.

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