I seek to honor God with my teaching; this award suggests that I am on track. It nods to equity, irrefutably confirming that mathematics is for everyone. A formerly awful mathematics student of color from a low socioeconomic background taught children—future leaders, many from a similar demographic—solid, important mathematical understanding, developing them as thinkers, and empowering them as problem solvers. What a humbling privilege to be celebrated for excellence in doing something I love!

Stephanie Gullage Luling, LA | K-6, Mathematics, 2020

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Stephanie Gullage has been an educator for 29 years. Her content has varied but focuses on mathematics from third grade to high school advanced levels. She taught numerous subjects for 11 years at Marrero Christian Academy; sixth grade reading and mathematics for a year at McDonogh 32 Elementary School; basic mathematics for a summer as an adjunct at Delgado Community College; and gifted/academy English Language Arts and mathematics for 17 years at R.K. Smith Middle School. At Smith Middle, Stephanie chaired (at various times) the Mathematics Department, the Improving Student Learning cadre, and the School Improvement Team; she taught gifted/academy mathematics at the time of award. In July 2020, she took a position as Instructional Facilitator for Gifted, Talented, and the Arts for St. Charles Parish Schools, but still taught gifted enrichment in grades one, two, five, and Algebra 1 eLearning. Stephanie was a school and district Teacher of the Year in 2018 and an American Petroleum Institute Distinguished Teacher in 2019. She has presented at the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics and NCTM conventions and participated in the “Digital Tools and Mathematical Modelling in Mathematics” Institute at the University of Würzburg in Germany. Stephanie earned an A.A. in general studies from Monterey Peninsula College; a B.A., magna cum laude, in elementary education from Southern University in New Orleans; an M.A. in special education (gifted and talented) from the University of New Orleans; and she intends to resume her Ph.D. studies soon. She is certified in elementary education, secondary mathematics, and gifted education, and National Board Certified in early adolescence mathematics. She hopes to add mentor teacher to her areas of certification this year.

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